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Fantasy,  science and horror. Currently offering Demonbane, a novel about Elandriel, an amazing village maiden with mystic powers who saves her land from the  Demon Master.First of three novels in the Godawyn Apacalypse series.
History and culture. Currently offering Shawnee Heritage with family history entries for historic Shawnee figures. A Separate Covenant on Shawnee culture is nearing completion as well as two novels in The Wilderness Chronicles.
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Contemporary realistic literature. The title include humorous and romantic works about America and Americans abroad over the past century, including The Purple Palace, The Wine of Life, and Journey to a Far Mountain.

Christian religious works of faith, both fiction and non-fiction.  Currently  offering Yu Lan Comes Home a story of mysticism and faith by an indigenous tribal author. Titles on the authors' desks include a study of Luke and Josephus.
No titles currently available.
Check out the website for works in progress.

No titles currently available.
Check out the website for works in progress.
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Noel Schutz & Judy K. L. Wu

Don Green & Noel Schutz

A mysterious seer proclaims  that an outcast maiden named Elandriel will save the land from Makir, the Demon Master. She is joined in her battles  by a motley band of companions. Her mystic powers continue to grow until at last she is consecrated in her mission by blessings from Queen Ethyriel in the legendary Land of Idannu.

A compiliaon of Shawnee personages who lived in the  1700s. Information includes genetic relationships (parents, siblings, spouses, children and more), their presence in historical events and participation in treaties. A must for the historical and genealogical study of the Shawnee Nation.


by Judy K. L. Wu

A story of mysticism and faith in a small native village. YŁ Lan Jei returns home from years abroad to find her village cursed by sorcerers under the power of dark spirits. YŁ Lan endures great suffering from the unbearable demands of her efforts and the malice of the sorcerers who seek to destroy her. Undaunted, YŁ Lan pits her unfolding mystic gifts against the unseen forces of evil.

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